Run Your Law Firm in the Cloud


Stop worrying about ransomware and viruses


Login to your legal software, like Time Matters and Needles, from anywhere


Block or permit personnel access with a few clicks


Costs less than maintaining a network

Law-Firm Specialists

More than 100 clients

We provide technical assistance to over 100 law firms. We serve no other type of client.

Broad and deep

Our tech team contains 15 legal experts with a variety of technical skillsets and backgrounds.

Since 1981

We have been helping lawyers for over three decades. We have focused on legal technology since 2010.


By moving to the cloud, you will:

Spend Less

  • Drop your costly network maintenance vendor
  • Use $200 thin devices instead of desktops
  • Never buy another server

Save Time

  • Block access of ex-employees with a few clicks
  • Ditto for replacement employees
  • Adding new workstations takes only a few minutes

Stop Worrying

  • Staff can no longer infect your network with viruses
  • Hijackers are unable to hold your data for ransom
  • Network crashes are no longer part of your work life

Law firms are migrating to the cloud in large numbers for 6 reasons:


Using a private cloud almost always costs less than maintaining a private network.


Your own network will never have the uptime that a cloud provider like Amazon can provide.



In the cloud it is much faster and easier to lock out departing team members and add new users and workstations.



A cloud provider like Amazon has far more sophisticated security practices in place than your private servers ever will.


Your software, documents, and email are available from any device and location having internet. No clunky login software is needed.


Your desktop screen looks the same in the cloud; you have the same shortcuts and icons as before, and no training is needed.


We serve only law firms. By focusing on the profession we have been helping for the last 35 years, we have established a deep expertise in law firms’ technology needs and what works best in their offices. We streamline, simplify, and lower the cost of lawyers’ technology two ways:

Cloud Services

We provide a private cloud solution for law firms called James Workspaces that will host your entire law firm – all your applications, documents, and email. Your desktop screen appears exactly the same as before, but now your data is accessible everywhere using any device you choose. Everything is ultra-securely stored on Amazon’s servers. It is the largest provider of cloud services in the world. And your workspaces and data are segregated from other clients hosted by Amazon, which ensures compliance and security.

Tech Support

Our tech support solution for law offices delivers complete care:

  • 24/7 service
  • One-hour response time
  • Unlimited support
  • Virus elimination
  • Network maintenance, including computers, printers, scanners, and network devices

Our 24/7 IT support is included when we migrate your firm to the cloud, but can also be obtained without a cloud migration.