Can Amicus Attorney practice management software be moved to the cloud? Yes, you can receive the benefits of the cloud while keeping your current version of Amicus.
Instead of transitioning to the cloud-based version of Amicus Attorney, and dealing with data being lost, incorrectly transferred, or simply being wrong, as some attorneys have experienced, you can keep your desktop version but use it through the cloud workspace and reap all the advantages of cloud computing.
After your existing version of Amicus is moved to the cloud, you will:

  • Be able to access your data using any device, and from any location having an internet connection.
  • No longer have to worry about ransomware, viruses, or hackers. Or fires or natural disasters.
  • Stop paying for network support of outdated servers.

Instead of having your law firm’s onsite server and network of computers store and provide access to your documents and data, cloud computing uses a network of remote servers on the internet to process, manage, and store your data.
You will no longer have to secure, maintain, and troubleshoot your own data storage infrastructure. You will instead use one of the world’s biggest technology companies — typically Amazon Web Services, Google, or Microsoft – to provide the infrastructure and service.

Migrating Amicus Attorney to the cloud

A cloud migration is a technical task requiring specialists. You will want to use a vendor who specializes in law firms and has experience with Amicus.
This same vendor should take over your tech support. You have full accountability and will avoid finger-pointing when you deal with one single technology company.
For most law firms using Amicus, the migration will be completed in one evening and the next morning will be business as usual. Law firms having an exceptionally large amount of data can take longer, but that situation is unusual.
Amicus will work and appear as before. But your data will now be secured by the specialists at Amazon Web Services, the largest provider of cloud services in the world. And you will be able to access Amicus using any device – smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop – and do so from any location having internet access.

Want to learn more about migrating Amicus Attorney to the cloud?

We help over 100 law firms with their technology. Several use Amicus Attorney, and we are very familiar with the software. We offer both cloud migrations and 24/7 tech support, serve only law firms, and have been helping lawyers since 1981.
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