Can Time Matters be migrated to the cloud? Yes.
You may continue to use your current version of Time Matters by Lexis after your law firm’s data, documents, and programs have been moved to the cloud.
Time Matters, which manages accounting, billing, calendaring, documents, email, matters, and research, continues to have a large and loyal user base despite not being cloud-based.
Migrating Time Matters to the cloud gives you the best of both worlds – continuity with the program you rely on for so much of your critical data, and the security, accessibility, reliability, and cost savings of the cloud.

Will using Time Matters in the cloud be different?

Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers on the internet to store, manage, and process your data. You will no longer be dependent on your law firm’s onsite server and network of computers to store and provide access to your data and documents.
Most cloud users depend on the giant technology companies – Microsoft, Google, or Amazon Web Services – for their cloud service and infrastructure. They no longer need to secure, maintain, and troubleshoot their own servers and networks.

What are the advantages of Time Matters cloud computing?

  • Much better security. Clouds … especially those from the majors … are far more secure than the networks of the typical law firm. You can stop worrying about ransomware and other data hacks … whatever location you are working from.
  • Access from anywhere. From any location with internet you can access your data, documents and applications, including Time Matters. And you can use any device to do so.
  • Increased performance. After migrating to the cloud, you will likely see noticeable improvement in load speed. The major cloud providers regularly update their data centers with the latest generation of fast hardware.
  • Improved reliability. For the major cloud providers, 99.997% uptime is standard. While downtime for an onsite network is not unusual, cloud computing malfunctions are rare.
  • Quick staffing changes. No more time spend on setting up new users and locking out departing users. You can make those changes with a few clicks.
  • Variable expense. You pay a fixed monthly cost per user for cloud hosting and companion tech support. You no longer have to invest in equipment, and can add or subtract users at a known and incrementally variable cost.
  • Economies of scale. The major cloud providers have passed on much of the savings accrued from serving hundreds of thousands of users. Your cost to use the cloud is materially lower than owning and maintaining your own network.
  • Moving Time Matters to the cloud

    Specialists are required for cloud migrations. The task is highly technical. Choose a company that specializes in law firms and has experience migrating Time Matters.
    To have full accountability and to avoid finger-pointing, use the same vendor for your subsequent tech support. Less support will be required once you are in the cloud, so that cost will decline.
    Unless you have an especially large amount of data, expect your cloud migration to be completed overnight. The next morning will be business as usual.
    If you use us for your cloud services, Time Matters will appear and work exactly as before and your data will be hosted and secured by the specialists at Amazon Web Services, the largest provider of cloud services in the world. And you will be able to use any device – desktop or smartphone, laptop or iPad – to access Time Matters and the rest of your data and applications.

    Interested in migrating Time Matters to the cloud?

    We work with the technology of over 100 law firms. Many use Time Matters, and we are very familiar with the software. We offer cloud migrations with accompanying 24/7 tech support, have been helping lawyers since 1981, and serve only law firms.
    To learn more about migrating your Time Matters software, data, documents, and other programs to the cloud, click the button below.